UNC Project Malawi masks-up using BLFA’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund

In 2020 BLFA distributed US $7,500 of COVID-19 Emergency Funds to three of our partner’s childhood cancer treatment locations. UNC Project Malawi used funds to procure 400 locally made adult cloth masks (patterned) and 400 pediatric masks (red and blue). Other BLFA partners used our COVID-19 Emergency Fund dollars for the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gowns, rental of temporary isolation housing, and to provide children and family members transportation to and from cancer treatment when public transportation shut down. Every dollar made a difference to fill urgent needs and gaps so that our partners could continue their cancer programs. “Thank you again for your support! This is a huge help in protecting our patients and their caregivers.” Kate Westmoreland, MD, Global Health Fellow, UNC Project Malawi

Face Masks