ICCARE data shows cancer treatment abandonment rates dropping

ICCARE has been a BLFA partner since January 2018. Initially BLFA funding was used to support expanding ICCARE’s hostel, which started in 2017 and i housed an average of 4 patients per week with a nurse and a cook. With BLFA funds, ICCARE was able to hire a full-time social worker, increase the hostel to 2 houses, provide 2 meals per day, as well as add art and school activities for children. A two-year report in 2020 shows the hostel averaging 11 patients (age range 8-16), each with a parent or guardian. 36% of the patients using the hostel are diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. A very positive outcome of the shared housing is families become each others’ champions to follow through with treatment. Treatment abandonment is one of the most common reasons children die from cancer. At the hostel, families hold each other accountable for saving their children’s lives,  supporting each other to complete the entire cancer care journey.