Statement on Health Equity

As we confront multiple crises in global health, economics, and social injustice our lives have never seemed so unstable and uncertain. Even when the health crisis passes and our financial systems start to recover, what remains are serious and challenging questions about the deep inequities that continue to plague our world.

It has always been integral to our work to address the systemic inequalities we see in healthcare related to pediatric cancer treatment. In 2010, BLFA was founded to provide children in Africa with access to a cancer treatment widely available elsewhere.Children were dying of a disease that was 90% curable in the United States and yet was a death sentence in Africa, treated only by pain medication as children waited to die. It was clear there was an enormous amount of work to do to address these unequal outcomes. 

Over the years we have partnered with local communities and organizations in the United States, Europe and Africa to provide access to the lab equipment, training and telemedicine resources to strengthen local healthcare structures and improve a child’s chance for survival after a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

  • Doctors now have more resources to quickly and accurately diagnose these cancers, getting more children into treatment earlier and saving more lives.

  • Our partners have developed holistic programs that include funding for transportation, food, shelter and follow-up care to give them the best possible chance to live a full life.

We also know there is much more to do.

We continue to listen and learn about what is needed to provide resources in equal measure to children in underserved areas and lower-resourced communities. We believe that each and every child is worthy of the resources available to save their lives.

As we continue to work on behalf of these children, thank you for your support. We have hope that the inequalities in our world will be addressed and conquered by the kind of meaningful action that leads to lasting positive change. All our children deserve to live in a world that values them equally and respects their right to receive care.

May you, and those you love, continue to be safe and well throughout these times.

With Hope,

BLFA Board of Directors