COVID-19: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Kenya wall mural "Wash your hands with soap"

Our partners in Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda and Kenya are dealing with barriers to keeping children and families safe. BLFA has set up an Emergency Fund to break through these barriers.

Help us remove 4 big barriers. A $100 donation goes a long way.

#1  Rides to and from Treatment

Missing treatments can lead to very sad results. When public transportation is not available or deemed unsafe, we want to support private options. In Uganda, round trip can be $200, mostly for gas. With 50% of the population earning $400 US per month or less, paying for this is unaffordable.

Help pay for transportation so patients can receive treatment and stay safe.

#2  Isolating the Sick

Our partner in Tanzania, iCCARE, currently supports more than 70 patients under treatment, and their families. If anyone becomes ill with COVID-19, iCCARE has identified a house for isolation should the worst happen.

Help pay the rent for those quarantined so everyone is safe.

#3  Beds, Food & Housing

St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital in Uganda is providing shelter and food for many patients and families who can’t return home as the lockdown continues. This strains the hospital’s systems requiring more beds, meals and staff.

Help provide funds to the hospital to support their basic needs.

#4 Personal Protective Equipment

PPE may be on its way across borders, but the gap is still huge. Aside from masks and face shields, surgical gowns are in very short supply. Funds are insufficient and local availability is low. Getting PPE across borders safely, without blocks at customs, is also a big issue.

Help provide PPE shipped through qualified channels so it arrives quickly and safely.

DONATE NOW  to BLFA’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund to break through these barriers.

Thank you for any assistance you can lend to the children and their families during this time. 

Have contacts, equipment or other resources to help?
Please contact Kerry Sturgill, Program Manager
Children and staff at iCCare Mwanza, Tanzania