"A Child's Journey Through Cancer Treatment in Tanzania"

Dr. Kristin Schroeder, co-founder ICCARE Since 2014 Dr. Schroeder has spent 6+ months a year in Mwanza, Tanzania, at Bugando Medical Centre. In addition to developing capacity for pediatric cancer care, she focuses on improving outcomes and reducing treatment abandonment in low-resource settings.

Event took place December 16, 2020

Families at Hostel

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We help cure children in Africa with cancer

We provide children in Africa with access to cancer treatment and fund organizations that are changing the equation.

Cure children in Africa diagnosed
with cancer.

Children and their families need the resources to support the medical, social, economic, and logistical necessities to successfully complete curative treatment

We have helped hundreds of children receive care and support through programs for accurate diagnosis, dedicated medical care, transportation, housing, treatment education, and access to resources such as a dedicated 24/7 clinical hotline

We raise hope together. We work with partners in Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya and the United States to achieve our mission, which started with Burkitt’s Lymphoma and now supports children with all types of cancer.

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BLFA hosts remote education for Kenya and Uganda labs

BLFA-supported labs are important contributors to improved cancer patient outcomes in East Africa. The state-of-the-art flow cytometry technology and training we have helped the labs implement has significantly grown local capacity for earlier and more accurate cancer diagnosis.

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